Spinn is a discgolf app made for tournaments and players


A dream come true for TDs

Spinn takes care of so much, such as player registration before rounds, scoring, instant online generation of all the results and stats, hosting – and all the while giving you an overview of everything. No longer will you need to spend time manually keeping track of registered players and tediously keying in results on a spreadsheet. Use Spinn once and you'll have no idea how life as a TD ever worked before.

Spinn is a web app, this means it works on more or less any smart phone, tablet or desktop running Safari or Chrome.

The scorecard – where design meets code in perfect harmony

Spinn's digital scorecard is a wonder to look at and super easy to use. Once a round has been set to 'open' by the TD, registered players can log in on their smart phone device and see their group's scorecard. Actual scoring is no different from paper scorecards, just a zillion times cooler and with endless benefits. Check out this for a breakdown on how the scorecard works.

Live scoring for everyone, everywhere

True hole-by-hole live scoring so you can follow your buddies or other beings you look up to. No accounts or other lark required.
Could it be any cooler?

Highly detailed stats

Spinn doesn't just take care of things, it also gives you and the players in your tournament fantastic presentation features, like highly detailed stats for scores, circle hits, inside putts, outside putts and OBs. There's also an inspiring compare feature that allows you to compare any two players. Check out the presentation pages with our online demo.

Affordable for any sized tournament with our
pay when you play pricing

2017 will officially be Spinn's first year out in the wild so we thought we'd offer an introductory pricing model, which naturally has no strings attached. Your tournament will simply pay based on how many players play each round. This is why it's affordable for even the smallest of tours.

Spinn's introductory pricing model for 2017 is simple

The first round we'll throw in for free, because after all who doesn't like freebies. From there on, Spinn costs just 2 SEK (ex VAT) per player per round. If after your first round you find Spinn wasn't up to scratch, then simply stop using it and you won't be charged a thing. Yes, we are jolly beings here at Spinn.

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