The Scorecard

  Entering scores

The digital scorecard should be treated similarly to paper scorecards where players share the task of entering the scores after a few holes, or one player scores for the entire round, this is entirely up to your group – unless the TD states otherwise. The player who is responsible for taking the scores is referred to as the Scorekeeper. If you are going to share the scoring then you do not have to use the same mobile device to do so, instead, when it’s your time to take care of the scoring you can simply log in on your own device and you will find your group’s scorecard with the latest scores from the previous holes played.

  Editing scores

Tap the padlock icon which appears by the hole number on each row that contains scores to unlock the respective row. You may edit one row of scores at a time.

  DNF a player

Tap and hold the player’s name in the scorecard header for around 1.5 seconds and voilà.

  Submitting the scorecard

Once the scorecard has been completely filled with all the players’ scores you will be prompted to check that all the scores are correct and to make any final corrections before submitting the scorecard.

Note: If you take over the scoring from a player in your group and use your own device which is already logged in, you must ensure that you refresh your page so the scores that have already been entered on the other device reflect on your device’s scorecard.

Important: Only one player and one device should be used to enter the scores on the same hole at any given time; under no circumstances should players enter scores on the same hole from more than one device.

Note: Use wisely, the DNF action cannot be undone.

Note: Once the scorecard has been submitted you will no longer be able to make further corrections to any scores or stats.

Important: The scorecard must be submitted, otherwise your scores will not be recorded for the round, and what a shame that would be.

Guidelines using the stats

There are four precision stats to select from depending on how a player has played a hole. They are not selectable until a score has been selected.

The precision stats are:

    Circle hit: when a player’s disc lies inside the circle and their upcoming putt is for birdie or better.

    Inside putt: when a player putts for the very first time from inside the circle and makes it into the basket.*

    Outside putt: when a player makes it into the basket from outside the circle.**

    Out of bounds: when a player’s disc was out of bounds (OB).

*If at any point a player’s disc lies outside the circle after lying inside the circle (example: a player putts from inside the circle and gets a bad roll and their disc then lies outside the circle), then a further putt from inside the circle that makes the basket is no longer counted since they technically already had a putt before the ‘bad roll’.

**As above but the exact opposite: once a player’s disc has settled inside the circle, an outside the circle throw that makes it into the basket is no longer counted.

Note: the circle is a 10 metre circle around the basket which is sometimes marked. If there are no markings and you're unsure whether you are inside or outside the circle then discuss with your group for clarification.

There are some selection combinations that are not possible, but don’t worry we’ve prevented these from being possible to select, but just to be clear, here are some examples that are not possible:

  • You cannot select inside putt and outside putt.
  • You cannot select circle hit and outside putt.
  • You cannot score a par (or worse) and select both circle hit and inside putt.

In some situations we help out and make the stat selection for you. For example:

  • If you score a birdie (or better) and select circle hit, then inside putt will automatically be selected.
  • If you score 1 (good job!) we presume that was a circle hit ;).

  Verifying scores and stats

Verify mode

Verify mode can be enabled by the TD in a tournament to reduce the chance of incorrect scores, whether by genuine mistake or by foul play.

Access Verify mode via the menu icon, which can be found on the top left of the page.

After scores and stats have been entered on a hole by the Scorekeeper they need to be verified by the Verifier. If the Verifier believes a score and stat is not correct then they can oppose it and discuss with the Scorekeeper and other players in their group to resolve it. If a player’s score and stat was not correct the Scorekeeper should correct it. Then the Verifier will refresh their page and the updated score and stat will appear and need verifying.

Some key points:

  • Verifying scores and stats are optional and decided by the TD. Ask your TD if you’re unsure whether they apply to your round.
  • The Scorekeeper can not verify scores and stats that they entered on a hole themselves. This is to prevent foul play.
  • Scores and stats must be verified after each hole before the Scorekeeper can save scores and stats on the next hole.
  • Any player in the group can be the Verifier except for the Scorekeeper. Players may share the task of being the Verifier throughout the round if they wish – unless the TD states otherwise (just as they can share the task of being the Scorekeeper, see Entering scores).